NMEA 2000 Complete Boat Kit with Lowrance Point-1



  • 1 meter power cable with tee
  • Male and female terminators (1 each)
  • Two single tee connector
  • One 2 meter drop cable
  • One 1 meter drop cable
  • One 5m Backbone Cable
  • Lowrance Point-1 with 15′ cable and NEMA T

Includes wiring diagram and COMPATIBLE WITH ANY NEMA 2000 DISPLAYS. 



This package is designed to be a complete NEMA 2000 backbone kit with drop cables. If you are running a bow unit and a console unit this kit is what you need. NEMA2000 T’s will be located in the bow, console, and rear compartment on a bass boat. Add a unit or device just add a NEMA T and drop cable. No need to run any more backbone cables ever!